Pumpkin Silhouette Matching Printable

The Pumpkin Silhouette Matching Cards are designed to give pre-readers a fun activity to practice visual discrimination. The object is to take the illustrated item and match it to the black silhouette version. This helps as children begin to distinguish different shapes relate to different things – which eventually translates to learning to distinguish different letters and their unique sounds. Beginning with pictures is a good way to make learning approachable and rewarding for your littlest learners.

-Pumpkin Silhouette Mini Poster
-11 Pumpkin Variety Silhouette Flashcards
-11 Pumpkins to cut out for matching

How to prep:
1.) Print the pages you want to use (please follow printing guidelines specified in our FAQ https://www.greenurbancreative.com/faq).
2.) Cut out the colored pumpkins and match to the silhouette pumpkins on the mini poster and/or the flashcards.
3.) You may like to use velcro dots or magnet pieces (place the mini poster on a cookie sheet) to make matching easier and rewarding.

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