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Moon Phases | Printable

Study our beautiful moon and its phases using these hand-drawn watercolor Moon Phases Flashcards! These cards are designed to help children learn the order of the moon phases simply and easily. The night sky changes in color from one phase of the moon to the next to allow children to sequence the phases intuitively.

This set includes:

  • Moon Phases Mini Poster
  • 8 Moon Phases Flashcards (manuscript font)
  • 8 Moon Phases Flashcards (cursive font)

This listing is for a digital download. For a physical print version, please see this listing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

We just completed a month studying the moon and these cards were my children’s favorite. I displayed the cursive ones and my children played with, ordered, studied, and drew from the print versions. The moon phases can be confusing (even to me as an adult :) so I love how the background colors gradually change to help me- I mean, the kids- with the ordering. They’re perfect!

Beautiful Moon Cards

My children are obsessed with all things space, and these cards are beautiful and make for lovely activities and also beautiful decor (I don't mind them being scattered around and pinned up - they are gorgeous).