Lunar New Year Art Journal

Designed for early elementary ages, the Lunar New Year Art Journal includes 5 public domain pieces of classical art with a guided journal portion that includes picture study, copywork tracing, art theory elements, and space to recreate the artwork. The paintings selected for this art journal have been chosen to highlight Asian artists and/or Asian culture in a sensitive and respectful way.

In an effort to respect other cultures and their traditions, this listing is available for FREE!

Bonus! Includes double-sided flashcards (with the painting's details on the back) with additional circle cut-outs from the paintings to make an Art Seek & Find activity! Use magnifying glasses and attention to detail to match the circle cut-outs to the painting flashcards. Or, make your own matching game by printing the flash cards twice.

This listing is for a digital download. No physical copy will be delivered.

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