Lily Pad Number Line Printable

The Lily Pad Number Line activity is designed to give your kids an interactive and kinesthetic approach to number sense and counting. For some early learners, visualizing how numbers are related to each other can be difficult. Instead of memorizing a chain of numbers, this activity provides kids with the opportunity to experience how numbers are ordered and also how they interact in sequence -- by hopping like frogs up and down a lily pad number line!

25+ Printable Pages Include:
~ Large lily pad numbers 1-20 (print 2 per page)
~ Large water lily manipulatives for activities (20 total)
~ Frog puppet to print double sided for hopping up and down the number line
~ Lily Pad Pond Mini Number Line Activity with Tiny Frog
~ Water Lily Skip Counting Cards (2s-10s)
~ Lily Pad 100 Frame 8.5x11" Mini Poster
~ Two 10-sided Printable Dice (numbers 1-10 and 11-20)
~ Instructions for a variety of games/activities to use these resources


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