Garden Seeds Flashcards | Printable

Isn't it amazing how seeds are so varied and beautiful? Now you can study an assortment of common garden seeds with this set of Garden Seeds Flashcards & Mini Poster! Included are 24 types of seeds from a variety of plants, including sunflowers, cucumbers, watermelons, okra, and oregano. Kids will love noticing the different shapes, sizes, and colors. Use these as is for flashcards, print twice to make your own Montessori style 3 Part Cards, or decorate your classroom! There are countless ways to incorporate these Garden Seeds Flashcards into your seed study. This listing is for a digital download. No physical product will be delivered. Cards print 6 to a page, so they are a little smaller than our standard flashcard. For help printing, please see our Printing FAQ. Copyright (c) 2020 Green Urban Creative. All rights reserved. For personal home use or single classroom use only.

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