Evergreen Math: Kingergarten Supplemental Manipulatives

Evergreen Math is a versatile set of printable manipulatives designed for pre-k and kindergarten students to explore early math concepts through curiosity and play. Nearly 50 pages include:

  • Junco Counting
  • 1-10 large number flashcards with twig and pine cone 10 frames, numeral, and number word
  • Twig tally mark flashcards 1-10 plus activity 
  • Forest number lines 1-100 with forest creatures — versatile for counting, skip counting, sequencing, and more
  • Evergreen shapes flashcards plus activity 
  • Twig 10-frame with pine cone counters and wreath number cards (1-20)
  • Pine needle math symbol cards
  • Measure, sort, & compare nature scavenging activity plus comparison nomenclature mini-flashcards 
  • Holly Berries 1-to-1 correspondence matching activity 
  • Pine cone die
  • 1-10 Montessori style evergreen counting chart
  • Count & clip forest cards (1-12)
  • Holly leaf, pine cone, and conifer counters
  • Forest placement play with animals and trees plus nomenclature mini-flashcards 
  • Autumn larch wreaths with number words 1-20

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