A Liturgy of Seasons: Epiphany

A Christian family devotional for Epiphany through Candlemas with liturgical church traditions, music, poetry, and art. Gather for a rhythm of family worship during the winter season with a simple liturgy prayerfully designed to bring warmth, fellowship, and joy to your home.


  • 68 page devotional covering four weeks of gatherings
  • Children's Guide with art study, copywork, crafts, and nature study

A Liturgy of Seasons: Epiphany is divided into four weekly themes: Seek, Follow, Adore, and Bless, plus a celebration of Candlemas with the theme Renew. You will find carefully curated prayer, responsive readings, scripture memory, recommended children's picture books, hymns, nature study, recipes, crafts, and activities. This guide has been widely researched to honor church heritage and incorporate a variety of Epiphany traditions from across the globe.

Epiphany is the traditional celebration of the wise men's journey to visit Jesus after His birth. The passage in the Bible is quite short, but myth and lore have mingled with the Biblical account to create a medley of traditions both fun and meaningful to believers in Jesus today. This guide centers on the narrative of Scripture and incorporates coordinating supplemental activities and explorations.

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Learn about:

  • Epiphany Stargazing
  • Arabian Camels
  • Frankincense and Myrrh


  • French King's Cake
  • South American Three Kings Day tradition
  • English Candlemas Lore
  • and more!

Most importantly, A Liturgy of Seasons: Epiphany is designed to offer your family an easy and poignant way to gather and worship. I pray it will be a blessing to you.

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