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Strawberry Life Cycle | Physical Print Version

This colorful Strawberry Life Cycle physical print version has been designed for children to explore the life cycle of a strawberry plant with hands-on activities. Use the Montessori style 3 Part Cards to match the life cycle stages of a wild strawberry plant, learn to identify and label the anatomy of a strawberry, practice counting with pretty strawberry flower cards and berry counters in the math 10 frame, and doodle your way through a kid-friendly strawberry art study!

45 Pages Include:

  • Directions for use
  • Printable envelope to store cards and pieces
  • Recommended resources with clickable links
  • Let's Learn About Strawberries info page
  • Anatomy of a Strawberry Plant with fill-in-the-blanks and tracing options
  • Life Cycle Sequencing Activity with our unique variegated color backgrounds to guide little learners and to allow self-correct
  • Montessori style 3 Part Cards / nomenclature cards
  • Art Study Journal
  • Poetry & copywork in both manuscript and cursive
  • Coloring Page
  • Counting Cards
  • Math 10 Frame with berry counters & flower number cards 1-20
  • Vocabulary mini cards
  • Alphabet mini cards (black & white and pink ombre)

The Strawberry Life Cycle is also INCLUDED in the bargain bundle Summer Collection, available both as a printable digital download or physical print version.

This listing is for a physical print version. If you are interested in a printable digital download version, please see this listing. This You-Prep Print listing will be printed on 110lb cardstock ready for you to cut out and finish as you desire. You will also receive a PDF to make your own additional copies as needed.

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