Pacific Northwest Alphabet Flashcards in Manuscript | Printable

Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Pacific Northwest with this set of Alphabet Flashcards.

These flashcards have been updated for 2021 with some new illustrations and new words to represent some of the letter sounds (after experimenting a lot with my kids to see which art + words made the best combinations). All art is my original watercolor work. This set has a MANUSCRIPT font. (For cursive, please go here.) 

  • Aa: arrowhead/apple
  • Bb: bobcat/beaver
  • Cc: coast
  • Dd: deer
  • Ee: eagle
  • Ff: fish
  • Gg: gorge
  • Hh: hazelnuts
  • Ii: island
  • Jj: junco
  • Kk: kites
  • Ll: lighthouse
  • Mm: mountain
  • Nn: nest
  • Oo: orchard
  • Pp: pine
  • Qq: quail
  • Rr: rain
  • Ss: squirrel
  • Tt: tree
  • Uu: umbrella
  • Vv: violet
  • Ww: waterfall
  • Xx: fox (final sound)
  • Yy: yarrow
  • Zz: quartz (final sound)

These flashcards are inspired by my childhood growing up in the Hood River Valley of Oregon and trips to the wild and windy Oregon coast. You'll find locations captured from real places, plus animals, plants, and iconic items that capture the feeling of my favorite place on earth into an alphabet for children.

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