Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study

Every year across the world at Christmastime, hundreds of Nutcracker ballet performances sweep audiences away on an adventure through a Christmas Eve party, a wild midnight battle with mice, the coming-of-age story of Clara, and the transformation of the Nutcracker toy into a real prince. The Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study explores this timeless tale with stories, art, and creative play. 

Included in the Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study:

  • Ballet Character Cards
  • Story Sequencing Cards
  • Character Paper Dolls
  • Art Appreciation
  • Story, Composer, & Choreographer Info Cards
  • Choreography, Story, & Music of the Ballet History Cards
  • Pointe Shoe Anatomy mini poster & fill-in-the-blank version
  • Public Domain Poetry: The Sugarplum Tree
  • Winter Nature Ballet Crowns craft directions
  • Christmas Ginger Cookies recipe
  • Math 10 Frame with baby mouse counters
  • Sleigh & Presents Counting Activity
  • Candy Cane Number Cards 1-12
  • Letter Cards -- N for Nutcracker and B for Ballet
  • Mouse Mask template
  • Recommended Resources 
  • Complete Nutcracker & Mouse-King Original Story

With over 40 pages of activities featuring original hand-drawn watercolor illustrations plus the entire original Nutcracker tale, this unit study is over 80 pages in length. Instructions for suggested uses of the various sections of the unit study are included.

Q: Will I need to buy additional materials to supplement this unit study?
A: While this unit study has everything you need to study The Nutcracker, it is highly encouraged that you chose at least one additional picture book and video of the ballet to explore.
Q: Is this a physical printed item?
A: Nope, this listing is for a digital download only. We are adding pre-printed materials to our shop soon -- please check back for updates of email us for info.
Q: What age range is this unit study for?
A: The Nutcracker Ballet Unit Study has been prepared with children ages 3-8 in mind, although the original Hoffmann tale might be too intense for the youngest listeners and many of the activities could certainly be expanded for older children.


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